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The story:

Ryuto was a young samurai who lived peacefully with his master, until one day, a band of suited men capture him. It's up to you to get him back.  Travel through various areas and use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies.  Purchase upgrades along the way and meet new characters who will help you on your journey.

Some Info:

This is a game with quite a bit of dialogue, and tries not to take itself too seriously.  The main menu isn't compatible with a controller, but all the menus once you're in the game are. 

Any and all feedback would be appreciated!


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Had fun playing. I also tried making a video but there were too many frozen frames, not sure why. Eh.. still a cute game. :)

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After getting a dismemberment kill the game pauses for a second so it feels like there's a bit more of an impact, sort of like in a fighting game. Thanks for playing!